boudoir makeover

A great wedding present for yourself and your partner, try out something new and fun and make memories to keep forever.

Boudoir photography lets you get rid of your inhibitions and brings out the diva in you!
Boudior Hair and Make-up brings out the glamourous side of you, whether you are wanting a total transformation or something soft and natural, your ideal look can be created.

My advice to getting ready for your boudoir shoot? – The opposite to everything you consider you’re your wedding day! – You will probably only have this shoot once in your lifetime so go for it! Become a starlet; bring out your inner harlot!

Most brides I meet tend to get in their best possible health leading up to their wedding day. Including eating well (good for the skin) and more exercise, toning up. Therefore you can capture you at this great time in your life.

So, whether you want to surprise your partner, have a hen night to remember or share a couple’s boudoir photo-shoot please get in touch.

Hair and make up prices start at £120.00

Boudoir shoots are available either at your home, in a hotel or a studio in Sussex

boudoir makeover
boudoir makeover boudoir makeover
Please get in touch for more information. 

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