Bridal Hair

wedding up hairstyle

Hair tends to be one of the most important parts of our look, most of the time we wish we had more time to style it, and the creativity to put it up in fancy do’s we see celebrities sporting and in my experience, most brides I meet aren’t exactly sure what to do when thinking about their wedding day hair style.

At your trial we will discuss factors to include whether or not you like to hide behind your hair, whether it is your security to have hair around your face, whether you are inclined to tuck it behind your ears if left down. We will try out lots of different styles, down, half up, all up, in a set style. Until you are happy with your look and you can visualise wearing it with your wedding dress and any hair accessories you have.
We will incorporate your veil if you have one, your tiara or hair decoration in to the completed style.
Hair on the day is £80.00
Your trial is £60.00 – If possible; I recommend you have your trial when going out for the night so that you can keep it in for the rest of the day!

Hair Pieces.
Some people try to grow their hair for their wedding day and find that it hasn’t grown enough for the style that they really want – I have also had brides who have ended up with the wrong hair colour or dry and damaged hair and some people with very fine hair or those who suffer with alopecia. If this is you, don’t worry. I have teamed up with Annabelle’s Wigs who supply hair pieces, extensions and ¾ styles to incorporate into your wedding hair style.

wedding hairstyle
wedding hairstyle

Save money by booking me to create both your hair and make-up for your wedding day.  This brings the total cost down to £195 for your hair and make-up on the day and £120 for your hair and make-up trial.

If you are interested in finding out more information please contact me. I can give you a consultation over the phone or when we meet up for your trial, advising you on the best way forward to create your perfect look.

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